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FRequently asked questions: FAQ's


Am I going to have to fight someone?
Which classes will help me get in shape?
If I start training will you be able to get me my first fight?
I don’t have any experience, do you have any classes for me?
What is the youngest age allowed?
My child is shy and has low self esteem, would these programs be right for them?
I haven’t ever been a member of a gym, would I be able to make it through your kickboxing class?
How much do memberships cost?
What type of music is played in the facility?
What are your hours?
Where are you located?
Do you offer any military/government employee/ family discounts?

 The only classes we have sparring in are Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. All sparring is elective, you are not required to spar in any programs.


All of them will! Cardio plays a large role in any mixed martial arts training. However our Fitness Kickboxing class is specifically designed to burn up to 900 calories per class, making it the most beneficial for someone solely interested in getting in shape.


Absolutely! The owner of our facility is also the owner of Black and Blue Entertainment. Not only does his promotion company have shows multiple times throughout the year, but he also has relationships with the other major promoters in the area to help get you fights booked as soon as you are ready to fight.


Of course we do! We have many classes for beginners to help them get their feet wet and on track to learning everything there is about each program.


The youngest age we allow in class is 4 years old. However age is not the only requirement. Your child must be able to handle staying focused in the class. We do not allow disruptive kids to attend any of our classes. It is not fair to the other parents paying for their children to attend class, to have them distracted the whole time.


It couldn’t be more right for them! From our experience kids come in and are surrounded by people who may be older, bigger, or in their eyes somewhat intimidating. They then begin training around and with these same people earning their respect. That is a HUGE self esteem builder in itself. As for being shy, they are constantly meeting and working with different people around their age and size, having to communicate with people on a regular basis they’ve never met and building relationships with the people they have met.


Our kickboxing class has a couple different instructors. The reason for this is for a variety of styles of class to take and a range of difficulty in each class. Another great part about our kickboxing classes is that you work at your own pace. The instructor will constantly be pushing you to go harder and faster because that is their job. But if you are struggling there is nothing stopping you from taking a needed rest or sip of water. The first class is always the toughest but there is no reason why you can’t make it through one of our classes.


This is by far our most commonly asked question, please see our pricing section on our website for more info.


Don’t you hate walking into a gym ready for a good workout and when you open the door you’re hit with music so slow that you become ready for a nap? We know we do! That’s why we are constantly playing upbeat energetic music. Our genres range from pop, rap, hip hop, rock, metal, trance and dubstep. Another great part is all of our music is edited. No need to worry about random F bombs dropping with you or your children in attendance.


Our hours vary from day to day and sometimes change in accordance to our schedule. For a full list of our hours of operation, please check out a copy of our class schedule.


Our physical address is 1719 North Roberts Rd, Kennesaw GA 30144. For people familiar with the Kennesaw area, we are located behind the hooters on cob pkwy/41 at the opposite end of the shopping center of Electric Cowboy.


Yes we do. We offer a variety of different discounts to help give back to those who give so much to us including; military, state officials, police, firefighters, emc, and public education. As for families, we strive to make a family membership affordable so that all members of the family can come and train together.

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