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The most common question we are asked is how much is a membership? Well that is not as easy of an answer as you would think. Unlike the major corporate gyms that you just pay a flat rate and get tossed in with the rest of their members, we actually revolve your membership and its cost around YOU. After you try out all of the programs you have interest in, we sit down and discuss which programs you liked, how often you will be able to make it in to train and what your long term goals are at Hard Knox. We then take all this information and put it together in a membership that allows you to use the facility and classes exactly the way you need, at the lowest possible price.


Since its such a specialized pricing system and practically impossible to list all the possibilities out, it is much easier to state that our memberships start at just $19 a month and the most you will ever possibly pay is right at $100 a month for unlimited access to every class we offer.

For more information on pricing and to set up a time to visit our facility, contact us at 770 792 - 2999.




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Fitness Kickboxing

Hard Knox, Kickboxing classes get you burning calories by using the legs for both blocking and attacking


Boxing Classes include workouts with nonstop aerobic movement.  Classes cover footwork, upper body movement, and blocking.

Mixed Martial Arts

Hardknox MMA program is a combination of techniques from all MMA Sports, such as, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu.

Kids Programs

Let our Kid Class instructors get your child build character, spiritual strength and physical fitness!