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Titant Mcary: Personal Training

Tiant’s a personal trainer and has been in the fitness industry since 1998. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in his training. He has a way of motivating and building self-esteem in his clients which allows them to be able to achieve their fitness goals and helps them realize that they can be that person that they have always wanted to be.


Tiant specializes in core training, weight loss management, toning and sculpting, nutritional counseling, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises, boot camp style training, fitness kickboxing, women’s self defense, recovery from injury, and injury prevention. In addition to that he has organized youth teams, one-on-one training in the sports of football, basketball, baseball, fast pitch softball, lacrosse and tennis. He thinks of every client as an extension of himself, and holds both himself and the client accountable for the success of their relationship.


“I seek new knowledge every day, constantly welcoming both positive and negative feedback. I will stay humble and always remain a student of my craft and all the skills that help me master it.”



Completed Fitness Certifications/Studies:

American Muscle fitness personal trainer

Nutrition Specialist

Studied in the Art of Tai Chi for 8 years

Studied in the Art of Kung Fu for 8 years
Studied in the Art of Wing Chun for 8 years


Gyms Marietta Kennesaw Ga" title="Gyms Marietta Kennesaw Ga